Professional Investigative Services
Civil and Criminal
Investigating and documenting services for court presentations and proprietary information

Providing expert surveillance for family matters and/or personal lives, and then Document information for civil action, adultery, child custody, and abuse.

Industrial and Business

Discovering asset concealment, theft, espionage, drug testing, and proprietary information.

Missing Persons
Locating missing individuals as well as those using new identities to avoid legal responsibility.


Determining loss, fraud recovery, workman's compensation, private property accidents, personal surveillance, determination of claimant's medical limitations, and court testimony.

Conducting on location remote, high-tech surveillance by trained operatives using state of the art methods and equipment.


Providing detailed research regarding an individual's employment, education, lifestyle, and civil/criminal history.

Other Investigative Services
Forensic Lab Service
We can conduct a variety of procedures on both physical and trace evidence.

The Miller Consulting Group staff can perform fingerprinting for employment, licenses, immigration, and any other need. We can also do dusting and comparison for civil and criminal cases.

Our state licensed & APA accredited examiners can conduct polygraphs for domestic, civil, criminal, and pre-employment.

Our investigators utilize state-of-the-art photography where necessary or requested in all investigations and assignments.
Our highly trained team has maintained a successful investigative record by using the latest technology to ensure a timely and cost-effective solution to your situation.

Our registered investigators include active and retired federal and state law enforcement agents, experienced investigators, and licensed attorneys. Some are nationally recognized investigative specialists in their respective fields, such as Aviation Security and Homeland Security. Others are published authors, educators and experts on topics ranging from psychological behavior modules of specific criminal activity to in-depth cultural awareness studies. This elite group has met stringent criteria of educational and experience requirements.
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